Cosmetic Dentistry In Fair Oaks, CA

Improving the confidence of our patients is a priority for both our dentist and his team. From repairing damaged enamel to whitening dental stains and discolorations, Dr. Alan Golshanara can provide the treatments that best fit your new smile goals. Call us today at 916-978-1100 to make an appointment for cosmetic dentistry in Fair Oaks, California.

Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dental care that aims to improve the appearance of smiles. Cosmetic dental services can help you reach a more attractive smile. This can enhance your self-esteem and allow you to smile confidently. Our dentist may suggest cosmetic dentistry if you would like a more beautiful smile. Cosmetic services may be right for you if your smile has one or more of the following flaws: Gaps between the teeth
• Cracked or chipped teeth
• Stained teeth
• Teeth that look too long, short or pointed
• Slightly crooked teeth
• Worn teeth
• Misshapen teeth

Our dentist will speak with you about your smile goals and desires to help you determine which of our cosmetic dental services are right for you. Your customized treatment plan will help you reach all of your smile goals so that you can have the smile of your dreams. Please contact our office today to learn more and schedule a consultation.